Tailored production with the AAA video game development team, designers and artists.

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GS Studio, established in 2011, is a game development studio for hire with a passion for the development of exciting games and apps. Our team of over 100 highly experienced professionals has successfully delivered more than 30 projects and gathered over 20 million players worldwide. We are committed to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and pushing creative boundaries to inspire and delight our global audience. At GS Studio, our mission is to blend creativity with technology to create unforgettable digital adventures.


Full-Cycle Game Development

From AAA to casual games, we handle every aspect of game creation, delivering compelling experiences on all platforms, including mobile.


Partnering with teams to enhance their game development processes, providing expertise and additional resources.

Game Art

Bringing creativity to every project, our team excels in a variety of art tasks, creating unique and visually captivating experiences.

Post-Release Support

Focused on keeping games and apps fresh and functional with regular updates, bug fixes, and continuous feature enhancements.

Gamification Services

Introduce a gaming element into a product of any business area and make it an effective and engaging as possible.


Offering expert guidance in research, workflow optimization, and tackling technical and management challenges in the development sector.


Explore the advantages that set GS Studio apart in game development.

Full-stack Development

From concept to completion, we provide a holistic approach, encapsulating every essential stage of the development journey


Ensuring clients have full visibility and oversight throughout the development process for utmost confidence and trust

Agile & Scrum

Employing top-tier project management techniques to keep projects on track, adaptable, and client-centric

No Overhead Expenses

Focused on strategic planning and precise execution, we effectively prevent budget overruns and maintain project affordability

100+ Successful Projects

With our rich portfolio showcasing a lot of successfully completed projects, we can find the best solution for your specific product

Industry Enthusiasts

Constantly researching and using the latest market trends and innovations in our products to create the best solutions that the game market can give.


We'll do it any way we can


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"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts" - Marcus Aurelius
We have over 50 employees working remotely from 8 different countries.
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