Maguss is a groundbreaking mobile MMORPG developed by our studio, offering players the opportunity to embark on magical adventures as wizards. Set in a virtual world where players fight monsters and cast spells, Maguss uses innovative gameplay mechanics, including drawing spells on the screen and utilizing a Bluetooth-connected magic wand, to provide an immersive gaming experience reminiscent of Pokémon Go.
Initially involved as consultants in the early stages, our studio eventually took full ownership of the project. The development of Maguss was a significant challenge due to tight deadlines and the complexity of certain features. One such complex feature was the division of the entire planet into sectors for real-time player interaction. Our team's commitment to innovation and technical prowess shone through as we successfully navigated these challenges and delivered an immersive and interactive magical experience to mobile gamers worldwide.
Tech Stack: Unity 3D, GameSparks, Node.js Content Stack: Photoshop, 3DsMax, Substance Painter
Android, iOS
Our contributioN
Full development cycle from idea to implementation
Real-time player interaction
Immersive gaming experience
Art Design
Design captivating visuals
Meeting deadlines
Bluetooth-connected magic wand

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