In "BirdsIsle" you will set up the most comfortable home for your birds and make their life bright and happy. This is a beautiful and sweet game that you will enjoy...

Birds Island

Match 3
BirdsIsle is designed for a wide audience, offering a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience. Created to help players chill out and immerse themselves in a vibrant and positive environment, BirdsIsle features straightforward gameplay with no complicated plots or mandatory requirements.
With over 138,000 users and countless glowing reviews, BirdsIsle has achieved an impressive rating on the App Store. Our success is based on our passion and dedication. We pour our hearts into creating immersive worlds that are both fun and engaging. Each of our games is more than just a set of mechanics; it is a unique and engaging universe waiting to be explored.
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Backend development
Features There are many amazing bird species living in tropical forests and they need your support.  Game features:   - Hundreds of challenging ​match 3 levels​ .   - Unique boosters & explosive combinations.   - Amazing graphics, sensational gameplay!   - Build, design and decorate your own ornitary.  - A creative community: connect to your friends via Facebook, share and borrow ideas!  Birds Isle is a totally ​ free game​ to play. But when it’s tough you can get some extra diamonds: use in-app purchases to boost your powers.

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