The GS-Studio team offers extensive expertise in character concept creation from scratch. We have the capability to meet the full spectrum of your game’s needs, utilizing finely-tuned pipelines to ensure style consistency and timely deliverables.


A Humorous Gaming Project
Jump! is a light and entertaining game in which players guide a hapless astronaut through a series of obstacles. Developed for a major gaming platform, this game has a fun and positive vibe that provides players with an entertaining escape. Jump! showcases our ability to create games that are not only visually appealing, but also technically robust for the fast-paced nature of mobile gaming. The game's blend of humor, engaging gameplay, and technical excellence makes it a delightful addition to any mobile gamer's collection.
The main challenge in developing Jump! was to deliver high visual quality on mobile devices while maintaining a stable FPS (frames per second). This aspect was crucial as the gameplay requires quick reflexes and quick reactions to the ever-changing obstacles the astronaut faces. Our team's expertise in optimization techniques was instrumental in achieving this balance and ensuring a smooth and responsive gaming experience.
PC, Play Station 5, XBox Series SX
Our contributioN
Game development
Backend Architecture
Game Architecture
Game optimisation

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